Gooden Reserve Netball Association (GRNA)

If you have a question that you wish to have added to the FAQ then drop us an email at grnetball@gmail.com

Q) Why are GRNA registration prices so affordable compared to other associations?

A) GRNA is a not for profit organisation whose main aim is to provide a fun, safe and affordable netball competition for girls and women of all ages. Our registration fees are priced to cover insurance and umpiring costs only and that is how we can charge over $100 a season less than other netball associations. 

Q) When are games played? 

A) All games are played on Saturdays between 12pm and 4pm at Gooden Reserve netball courts. Fun net starts first, followed by sub-juniors, juniors, inters, young people and opens. 

Q) Is GRNA a graded competition?

A) No. We are non graded netball comp committed to offering a friendly fun netball environment for all skill levels


Q) Where is Gooden Reserve?

A) Gooden Reserve is located off Gooden Drive next to the M2 Motorway in Baulkham Hills. The venue is accessible from Seven Hills Rd to the north and Old Windsor Rd to the east. 

Q) What facilities are present at the reserve? 

A) There is ample parking on site with canteen and toilet facilities along with a small park for the little ones. We are also just a five minute walk from Winston Hills shopping centre which contains a wide variety of retail stores, supermarkets and a large food court, a perfect place to relax after those close games. 


Q) What are the team colours for St Matthews Uniting? 

A) The St Matthews team colours are black for skirts (or leggings for Opens Division Only) and either a purple, black, or red polo shirt.           

Q) What are the team colours for Northmead Uniting? 

A) The Northmead team colours are an emerald green skirt (or leggings for Opens Division Only) and a white polo shirt.                

Q) Who should I contact to get more information on each of the clubs?

A) Enquiries regarding GRNA Association can be directed to grnetball@gmail.com

Mailing address: The Secretary GRNA 31 Hammers Rd, Northmead 2152 

    Northmead Uniting Netball Club                  St Matthews Uniting
e: northmeadnetballclub@gmail.com    e: stmatthewsnetballclub@hotmail.com

Q) I'm from another association, can I bring my team across to the GRNA?

A) Yes we happily accommodate teams from other competitions. You should even be able to wear your old colours. Please contact the association secretary for more information.


Q) How do I become involved in umpiring?

A) To become involved in umpiring please contact the association secretary grnetball@gmail.com

Q) What training is required to umpire? Will I be given training?

A) To be part of the umpiring team you will take part in a training course and a short written exam covering the rules of netball. In early 2018, we will provide training sessions for all umpires.
During your first few games you will be given a runner to help you out if you have any problems.

Q) Is a uniform required to umpire?

A) A pink shirt is required for umpires.

Q) Will I be paid to umpire?

A) Yes, you will, although the main benefit is the confidence you can gain in dealing with a group of people and the fun of being involved in such a great game.


Q) What does a Northmead Uniting uniform consist of?

A) Northmead Uniting uniform consists of an emerald green skirt (or black 3/4 length leggings for Opens Division only) and a Northmead polo shirt. For more information on Northmead Uniting uniform please contact northmeadnetballclub@gmail.com. Please enquire about recycled uniforms with the club. 

Q) What is the St Matthews uniform?

A) The St Matthews uniform consists of a black netball skirt (or black 3/4 length leggings for Opens Division only). As we have a number of teams in each division, we introduced different coloured shirts for the different teams. Our polo shirts are either black, red or purple depending on the team you are allocated to. For information on St Matthews Uniting uniform please contact stmatthewsnetballclub@hotmail.com.

Q) What is the approximate cost of a uniform?

A) Skirts typically cost around $60 from a sports shop or $40 from an online store.  

Q) Where is the best place to buy a uniform?

A) Northmead uniform skirts are available at Kingsgrove Sports  which is located at 570 Church St, Parramatta. They are also available online at Netball Pro Shop. If ordering online for Northmead the skirt is a Prestalene single pleat netball skirt, the colour is Emerald. There is also a size chart to help you select the correct size. Northmead polos are available for order upon registration (select size within rego form) or in the first couple of weeks of season outside club house. For more information on Northmead Uniting uniform please contact northmeadnetballclub@gmail.com.
St Matthew's polo can be ordered from the club uniform ladies at our registration in early 2018, or throughout the season. Black netball skirts can be purchased from any good sporting store. For more information, contact stmatthewsnetballclub@hotmail.com

Q) Are second hand uniforms available?

A) Yes they are. Please contact your respective club for information.


Q) What is Fun Net and who is it designed for? 

A) Fun Net is for girls aged 5-7 years old who have not played netball previously. It is designed to teach new players the team and ball skills they will need to participate in club netball games.  It is run every Saturday throughout the season at Gooden Reserve before the competition games.

Q) Is there a uniform for Fun Net?

A) No sensible sports clothes and footwear.